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In our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory (RVA) all microbiological analyses are carried out that are relevant to food, feed and beverages. Also microbiological analyses can be carried out for other matrices.

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Accreditation certificates

Our lab is accredited according to ISO 17025 by the Dutch Council for Accreditation (Raad voor Accreditatie). Both nationally as well as internationally, manufacturers require certainty regarding the quality and safety of their goods. Our lab is accredited so that our customers can rely on the results of our laboratory.

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Challenge testing

WFC is one of the main laboratories in Europe where Listeria challenge testing can be carried out. Tests can be performed according to the regulations of the Dutch Food Authorities, but also according to the regulations of other regulatory bodies. As a principle, we follow the guidelines as set forth by the European Listeria reference laboratory: ANSES. These are based on European Legislation.
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